May 29, 2019

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May 29, 2019

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Print Head Doctor is the set of hardware and chemicals capable of recovering clogged nozzles of solvent-based, UV and water-based print heads. The system utilizes the action of pre-heated chemicals pumped through a print head in both directions combined with ultrasonic vibrations.



  • 90% recovery rate.

  • Cleans even severely clogged heads.

  • Automatic cleaning cycles.

  • Reverse flushing and Thru-head flushing capabilities with pressure and vacuum.

  • Vacuum-assisted forward flushing keeps print heads safe.

  • Models 12, 13 and 14 automatically maintain the set pressure and fluid temperature.

  • Compact and rugged design.

  • Ease of use: instructions are available on video and PDF.

  • Ease of servicing: new modular design allows quick replacement of the filters and pumps.

  • Money-back guarantee.

  • 1-year warranty.

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