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EFI VUTEK QS 3200 Flatbed/Roll FOR SALE!


EFI Vutek QS 3200 UV Flatbed/Roll to roll printer for sale. Machine is in working condition, set up for CMYK only printing with 2 heads per color.  Printer can be tested, as currently is being used as a back up printer.  This is an incredible machine, can literally print on anything: plastic, cardboard, glass, acrylic, metal, etc. More info and pricing!!!



Deliver the print quality and speed your customers demand – every time.

High-Definition print quality and new levels of productivity.

The VUTEk® QS3200 UV-curing printer from EFI™ is a new breed of printer from the leader in superwide format printing. By combining High-Definition Print (HDP) capability with high production speeds, the VUTEk QS3200 is the superwide printer of choice for print shops with tight deadlines and customers who demand the highest image quality.

VUTEk HDP from EFI takes your superwide printing to new levels of image quality, just as HDTV modernized the home entertainment industry. HDP combines print resolutions up to 1080 dpi, four-, six- or six-color plus white, while EFI Fiery® XF image processing and unique image smoothing technologies enable the VUTEk QS3200 to print dazzling images and sharp text. And, unlike other print engines, the VUTEk QS3200 delivers this quality at new levels of speed. With it, you can commit to, and deliver the highest quality signs, Point-of-Purchase displays, banners and other superwide print applications fasterthan ever before.The results are increased customer satisfaction, repeat business and an improved reputation for excellence and responsiveness. The VUTEk QS3200 also delivers new levels of revenue and profit growth because you can produce higher quality prints faster than ever before.

The VUTEk QS3200 produces brilliant four- or six-color imaging and a special seventh channel with white ink for new revenue streams. Sell new and creative applications by printing white ink in six variations including overprint, underprint, spot, underspot, fill, and overspot. In addition, it prints on a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates at speeds up to 900 square feet (84 square meters) or twenty-two 4’x8’ boards per hour. Couple the VUTEk QS3200 with the EFI Fiery XF, a powerful production RIP, and increase your productivity today and lay the groundwork for integrating your business operations tomorrow with other EFI products.

With HDP at a true resolution of up to 1080 dpi, the VUTEk QS3200 delivers greater productivity, superior image quality and prints on rigid and flexible substrates up to substrates up to two inches (5.08 cm) thick and 126.5 inches (3.2 meters) wide. Plus, it offers crisp four-point text for demanding Point-of-Purchase displays.  EFI’s VUTEk QS3200 enables you to sell more premium priced jobs because it produces higher quantities faster than ever before. Now, you can meet demanding delivery deadlines, while reducing costly substrate waste by combining separate images and jobs to fully utilize available print space. Increase your operator efficiency by utilizing the feed-side control module to produce a near-continuous stream of printed output by loading and initiating print from both sides of the printer. Add versatility to your production mix, while conserving valuable floor space by producing roll-to-roll and rigid applications on one machine.

The EFI VUTEk Advantage

In today’s fast-paced, highly-charged and competitive print-for-pay marketplace differentiating your company from the competition is critical. EFI delivers what no one else can — award-winning, integrated RIP, superwide printing systems and streamlined, automated business management systems. We are the market leader in print technology with services, support and scalable products that drive your business’ success beyond the printer. The result is a true competitive advantage through increased capacity and capabilities without the corresponding increase in your overhead.

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