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Could this job be more attractive? How to paint and shape the town?
Need more design freedom to convert innovative ideas into a more impressive designs and shapes.
Showroom windows, shops, buildings, streets and automobiles, the city's landscape is the canvas for your imagination.
Conceptualize, print & cut, the new way to shape everything anew. Everybody is attracted to this exciting new world!
Liven up your daily life, decorate the street. Bring your creativity to life.

Expand and Shape Your Ideas with Ease


Mimaki CJV30 Series Features

High speed for reduced delivery times
High speed printing at maximum 17.5m2/h

High speed printing at a maximum speed of 17.5 m²/h (540×720 dpi, 4 colors) and in standard mode at 11.9 m²/h (540×1,080 dpi, 4 colors).
The symmetrical ink cartridge arrangement enables reliable and detailed high quality image generation even with bidirectional printing.

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