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Since 1999, We Repair Printers is a service company who offers professional technicians with years of experience repairing Wide Format, Large Format or Super Grand Format printers, as well as selling new/used printers, parts and accessories. 

Our company goal is very straight forward, "Keep your printer running and printing like new", we wanted to offer our products & services in a different matter vs competitors. 

So how do we do this & what do our customers want? 

After speaking to many customers, we learned two things:


1) Customers just want to have their machines printing without any issues. 


BUT what happens when an issue arises and you don't have warranty?  Or, you are under a warranty but the problem that has occurred on your printer is not covered under warranty?

The simple answer is to call a qualified technician from the manufacturer, spend a few hundred if not thousands of dollars and voila... problem fixed!  But what happens when the issue re-appears?

We knew that there's nothing worse than paying to have your printer fixed, only to watch it break down again a few weeks later. 

2) Customers DO NOT want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a technician who will replace parts that are not needed or can be avoided.

This does NOT happen when you work with We Repair Printers. 

We get the job done quickly and properly, and when we fix your printers we will follow up to make sure the issue does not arise again.  More importantly, we will get our hands dirty and test parts in every way possible to avoid having an unnecessary expense.

So what makes We Repair Printers different?

1) We offer inks that will save between 35% - 50% vs the OEM ink costs

2) We offer FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT as long as you are using our company products.

Trust our We Repair Printers and you’ll receive lasting repair services when you need them most.

Our team will help you understand the whole process with no surprise fees, often providing same-day or next day service.  You can be sure that we have the experience and equipment you need to have your printer running worry free.


We teach you proper steps to maintain your printers so if an issue arises, our technicians will have a good idea on how its been maintained and then diagnose the issue in order to choose the best course of action.  We are transparent with our customers and they never feel the need to look for any other printer repair company. 


Contact us today for any repairs and you won’t regret it.

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